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No matter where you begin, the interior designers at Evolve can help you create a home you love to live in. We’ll start with your ideas then share a few of our own. Together, we’ll begin a journey of discovery, uncovering your unique style and ensuring it’s reflected in the spaces that surround you. Whether you are looking for a complete design experience throughout your custom home, or you need some inspiration to give new life to the space you’re living in, we have affordable services and products to make your home extraordinary.

In-Home Consultation

Every interior space we design begins with an in-home consultation. This gives us a chance to get to know you, get a feel for your style and see the space you want to transform. We’ll discuss your goals, your budget and your lifestyle to help us create spaces for the way you live.

Color Selection

Color sets the mood for your space. Used well, color can create a smooth flow throughout your home, connecting one space to another seamlessly. Choosing the best colors to set the right mood, reflect your personality and highlight your space can be the most difficult part of interior design. We’ve worked in a lot of spaces and have the experience to help you choose color with confidence.

Space Planning

The biggest considerations when planning interior space is establishing the way a room will be used and how you want to feel when you’re in it. We will help you plan your space with this in mind, selecting the right furniture, arrangement and lighting to ensure your room is functional and pleasing. Using 2D and 3D technology, we can show you an illustration of the room to help you make the right choices.


There is such a wide variety of papers, let us help you find the best wallpaper to make your space complete. Neutral grasscloths, bold prints, beaded metallics, or textured vinyls, the choices can become overwhelming. We help narrow down the best options for your room, style, and budget.

Custom Window Treatments

Whether you want to make a statement with bold, daring colors or understated elegance, window treatments finish a room. We can help you determine the colors and fabrication to accentuate a room’s best features. Our custom-designed window treatments can be made from virtually any fabric you can dream of, and some you haven’t imagined. They add an artistic touch to your home and make it yours.


Some of the most beautiful furnishings begin with great bones. We can help you give new life to your mother’s antique armchairs or the living room sofa you can’t part with using stylish fabrics and patterns that match your personal design aesthetic. Paired with new accessories like colorful pillows and throws, reupholstered furniture can be the right solution for your interior space.


With so many options in ceramic tile and natural stone available to homeowners, choosing the right materials for kitchens and bathrooms isn’t always easy. Tile is a great solution for spaces in which moisture is a consideration, but it’s not only practical – it’s beautiful, tough and durable. Available in many shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, tile allows you to play with drama and pattern, and make a bold statement with countertops, backsplashes, and bathrooms.


Flooring may be the most underappreciated design element in homes today – but it has the ability to make or break the design of your room. Lucky for homeowners, there have never been more carpet, tile and hardwood flooring options from which to choose. Carpeting today has come a long way, delivering incredible softness and warmth as well as texture and color. New materials like bamboo, cork and even trendy concrete may be the right flooring fit with your décor. We’ll help you through everything there is to consider and give you flooring ideas you may not have thought about.

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